By David Wadman

Серия «Luftwaffe colors» издательства «Classic guides» посвящена краткой, но очень яркой истории ВВС Третьего рейха. Прекрасно иллюстрированный полный исторический обзор Люфтваффе 1933-1945гг. Авторы серии собрали большое количество редких цветных и ч/б фотографий. Особенно полезна эта серия будет для моделистов (в книгах дается большое количество цветных схем окраски вместе с фотографиями самолетов). В данной книге рассматриваются самолеты-разведчики.

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The context is not an academic philosophical dispute, but a bitter conflict within a family of traditions that share some practices and goals, and a war among the institutions that support them. The audience for the arguments, as Montaigne notes, is not academic skeptics, but already committed believers. Each side tries to find arguments that believers on the other side or wavering believers on their own might find plausible as supports for their allegiance. The proponents typically appeal to shared beliefs and images, especially biblical ones, which carry substantial rhetorical weight for adherents in both camps.

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As our mind is strengthened by communication with vigorous and orderly minds, so it is impossible to say how much it loses and degenerates by our continual association and frequentation with mean and sickly minds. There is no contagion that spreads like that one. . I enter into discussion and argument with great freedom and ease, inasmuch as opinion finds in me a bad soil to penetrate and take deep roots in. No propositions astonish me, no belief offends me, whatever contrast it offers with my own.

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