By Paul Hirst

On the finish of the 20 th century, it turns into ever extra transparent that Western nations are witnessing the exhaustion of the 2 nice political and monetary systems―democratic capitalism and collective kingdom socialism―that have held sway for the prior a hundred and fifty years. but neither the normal correct nor Left has been capable of offer manageable suggestions to this obstacle. during this publication, Paul Hirst deals a brand new procedure, which he calls associative democracy.

Not easily a utopian concept, associative democracy demands new types of monetary and social governance as vitamins to consultant democracy and industry economies. It addresses the issues of the overload of massive govt by way of democratizing and empowering civil society. It transfers social provision to self-governing voluntary institutions, whereas conserving public investment and political responsibility. within the fiscal sphere, it advocates nearby fiscal rules via public-private partnerships, the merchandising of self-governing commercial districts, and the democratization of the corporate.

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