What are the origins of agriculture? In what methods have technological advances on the topic of meals affected human improvement? How have meals and foodways been used to create id, converse which means, and arrange society? during this hugely readable, illustrated quantity, archaeologists and different students from around the globe discover those questions and extra.

The Archaeology of nutrition deals greater than 250 entries spanning geographic and temporal contexts and contours fresh discoveries along the result of many years of analysis. The members offer overviews of present wisdom and theoretical views, bring up key questions, and delve into myriad medical, archaeological, and fabric analyses so as to add intensity to our realizing of meals. The encyclopedia serves as a reference for students and scholars in archaeology, nutrition stories, and similar disciplines, in addition to interesting interpreting for culinary historians, meals writers, and foodstuff and archaeology lovers.

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The concept, generally labeled population pressure, was described by Mark Nathan Cohen, among others. The post-Pleistocene environment, whatever its effects on the feasibility of farming, clearly reduced the resource base for foragers at the same time that human populations may have been increasing. The social issues involved in the “push” may have effectively increased demand in a different manner, because the risk avoidance that characterizes mobile subsistence had to be replaced among sedentary groups by social risk-avoidance strategies.

Staller and Michael Carrasco, 137–56. New York: Springer. indb 1 6/30/15 2:43 PM 2 A G R I C U LT U R A L F E A T U R E S , I D E N T I F I C A T I O N A N D A N A LY S I S Zizumbo-Villarreal, Daniel, Fernando González-Zozaya, Angeles Olay-Barrientos, et al. 2009. Distillation in Western Mesoamerica before European Contact. Economic Botany 63:413–26. ■ PAT R I C I A C O L U N G A - G A R C Í A M A R Í N AND DANIEL ZIZUMBO-VILLARREAL A G R I C U LT U R A L F E AT U R E S , I D E N T I F I C AT I O N A N D A N A LY S I S For much of the history of archaeology, research on agricultural spaces was conducted through very indirect means.

The anemia would have been the result of many factors. Meat is the best source of heme iron, the most readily usable form. As meat consumption declined, so too would the availability of heme iron. The problem was exacerbated by the new reliance on iron-blocking cereals or leafy vegetables, or by new diseases of sedentism such as hookworm. The latter are tiny worms, and their effect depends on the number infecting the host. The worms are defecated on the ground and reenter human beings via their feet.

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