Each HTTP request to Solr, including posting documents and searches, goes through a particular request handler. Handlers can be registered against certain URL paths by naming them with a leading "/". XmlUpdateRequestHandler" /> The qt URL parameter can refer to a request handler by name as well.

Notation convention: Solr's JIRA issues are referenced like this: SOLR64. You'll see such references in this book and elsewhere. You can easily look these up at Solr's JIRA. You may also see issues for Lucene that follow the same convention, for example, LUCENE-1215. There are of course resources for Lucene, like the Lucene In Action book. If you intend to dive into Solr's internals then you will find Lucene resources helpful, but that is not the focus of this book. [ 27 ] Quick Starting Solr Summary This completes a quick introduction to Solr.

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