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On the Homeric Catalogue as a Mycehaean document see D. Page, History and the Homeric Iliad, Berkeley 1959, 120ff. 5 On this see Biirchner, ZL, 30. Paton, CL, is the only scholar to my knowledge who has emphasized the importance of an answer to the problems recapitulated here. I n recent studies of the problem of Ionian migration Leros is not mentioned (Sakcllariou, op. ; C. Roebuck, Ionian Trade and Colonization, New York 1959). 7 Bericht VZ, Znt. C o n g ~Arch. (1940) 327 A. 3. Miletos, 1590 ff.

On this see also Biirchner IL, 33 where P. Le Bas, Voyage Archbol. ) n. 6. Cf. the Law Against Tyrants: M. Tod, Greek Historical Inscriptions, Oxford 1946, 67 ff. 18Chabiiras, section 3, concluded from the Tribute Lists that in 454 the colony of. Milesians on Leros was officially recognized as an ally of Athens, so that apart from their obligation to the League they were operating quite independently of any other power that year. This does not take into account the fact that the Milesians from Leros are then submerged for a number of years after this with Miletos in general, and that the island is referred to in 427/6 ff.

He leans forward on a staff which his right hand grasp. The right foot is shown in bird's eye view; the lower shank of the right leg is somewhat too short. The crossed left foot is completely reversed from the natural suucture, for the big toe is on the inside instead of the outside. An obvious parallel for the type of monument is the Athlete's base of the National Museum, Athens (K. Schefold, Griechische Plastik, Base1 1949, PI. 7 9 , while the figure itself recalls also the countless paid~ribaiof fifth century Attic pottery, but also the "Ideal Athenians" of the East frieze of the Parthenon, which may suggest an approximate date for the relief.

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