By Leif Johan Eliasson

This publication seeks to rectify american citizens’ perspectives of its closest best friend, Europe--an bold job, yet one sorely missing within the literature. Many prejudices approximately Europe floor in headlines, whereas others stay latent, yet they're actual, pervasive and ingrained. by means of addressing the normal citizen in a simple to learn, jargon unfastened, actual and non-ideological textual content, my desire is to start this means of correcting american citizens’ frequently outrageous, but largely held and perpetuated ideals approximately Europe. If the dominant media retailers really pronounced the proof approximately Europe and America’s dating with its ecu allies, and if the typical American knew the significance of Europe to their very own, and our worldwide, health and wellbeing, this e-book will be pointless. even if, this isn't the case, making it relevant to deal with the wide-spread and pervasive distortions, misperceptions or even flat-out lies approximately Europe, ecu rules, societies, and other people. Myths and distortions may be at once destructive to our economic climate, safety, and caliber of lifestyles. voters help coverage tasks, vote, make investments, store and go back and forth. In all of those components Europe is our most crucial best friend, buying and selling associate, and resource of international funding. judgements taken in any of those parts, if in line with myths and misperceptions, may have dire outcomes for the typical citizen. the present fiscal trouble, family reform proposals,  and America’s expanding recognition of its relative decline--and elevated have to cooperate with others--makes a publication explaining the reality approximately our closest best friend important.

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No EU official can tell Poland where to send troops or dictate income tax for a wine producer in Spain (unlike the taxing powers of the US Congress). However, there is a directly elected parliament that shares legislative powers with the council on the EU budget and three quarters of all laws; an estimated 80 percent of new laws in Europe emanate from the EU and apply across the continent, making the parliament’s powers important. Much like their American congressional counterparts, EU parliamentary candidates run in a first-around-the pole system, representing districts across the EU.

Cyril Buffet and Beatrice Heuser, Haunted by History Myths in International Relations (Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, 1998). 3. Kati Suominen, “A New Age of Protectionism? pdf. 4. John L. Harper, American Visions of Europe: Franklin. D. Roosevelt, George F. Kennan, Dean. G. Acheson (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996). This page intentionally left blank Chapter 3 Simplifying the Confusing: The “Short-Short” of Europe and the European Union The Europe of the early twenty-first century is one of unprecedented peace and prosperity, of economic might and technological prowess, but also, as elsewhere, lingering social and economic problems.

38 America’s Perceptions of Europe Across Europe, parties on the left have embraced labor market reforms, incentives for work, private sector competition, and lower business taxes. The Labor Party in Britain removed its goals of a nationalized economy—something it never actually seriously pursued—in the mid1990s, joining the conservatives in embracing financial deregulation and free trade. Extensive social programs and support mechanisms certainly remain, and the state still accounts for 35–50 percent of spending in all European countries, versus 32 percent and rising in the United States.

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