By Don Berliner

This can be the historical past of air racing from its beginnings in 1909 at Reims, France, to the top of the 2008 racing season at Reno, Nevada. The heritage of air racing is particularly a lot the heritage of aviation, with glamorous pilots, a few of army repute (e.g., Jimmy Doolittle) and developers (e.g., Glenn Curtiss), machines that captivated the nationwide mind's eye, and lots of particularly unknown tinkerers and architects. This ebook follows air racing from pre-World struggle I ecu races, throughout the interwar years whilst renowned air races influenced army layout, and the booms and struggles of the postwar years earlier than racing stumbled on an enduring domestic within the Nevada wasteland.

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See Richards (1987: Chap. 5, Part B) for a more extended discussion. For a recent review of the issue, see Barber (2004), which, while remaining committed to the evolutionary approach, has abandoned the earlier ‘altruism is a myth’ line. References and further reading Barber, N. (2004) Kindness in a Cruel World: The Evolution of Altruism, New York: Prometheus Books. Lumsden, C. J. O. (1981) Genes, Minds, and Culture, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Richards, G. (1987) Human Evolution: An Introduction to the Behavioural Sciences, London: Routledge.

Among other things this affected how easy they were to change. By the mid-1970s, it was unclear quite what scientific work the concept of ‘attitude’ was doing any more. More sophisticated efforts were made to measure attitudes by overt behaviour, but in a sense the concept itself now became redundant, since attitudes were supposed to be psychological entities of some sort, not behavioural tendencies. The measurement techniques, such as questionnaires, created in pursuit of attitude measurement, continue to have a major place in Psychological research and are valid if the user is clear regarding their limitations and relevance to the matter at hand, while the word ‘attitude’ itself is now so well established that it is unlikely to disappear soon.

Animus. The archetype of the unconscious masculine principle in the female psyche.  archetype. Perhaps the best-known Jungian concept. Existing in the collective unconscious (see below), archetypes may be understood as inherited forms of psychological wisdom denoting specific universal situations, developmental tasks, problems etc. They cannot be known directly, however, and in order to become accessible to consciousness, they have to assume symbolic forms which are to a considerable degree culture-specific, although all representations of an archetype may share a similar structure, appearing, as it were, as variations on a theme.

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